Monday, February 7, 2011

Running Programs Without Rename Method


AntCommander is a small utility- (just under 2MB) that can be used to run (SOME) core Windows program that you cannot use the rename or the localization (Guide in progress) methods to run. Using the AntCommander's simplistic user-friendly interface, one can do powerful things; although the arguably greatest tool in the hacker's arsenal won't open with this method. (MSDOS A.K.A. Command Prompt) AntCommander is a Java-based application (formatted to .JAR) so unless your machine doesn't have Java, you should be able to run this program. To download AntCommander click HERE. (Please note that this download is in .GZ format; meaning that you'll have to have WinRAR or an equivalent compression utility.) I will create a guide very soon.

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