Monday, January 24, 2011

Covering Your Tracks

As you can see, I have several files/programs
that are considered contraband at a place of school
and/or work. To keep my privacy complete, I removed all
of the names in the screen grab. The key to not getting
caught with these is renaming whatever .exe's you're
using to a name that'd be considered "unguessable". The
only issue with that however, is that on a locked
machine, only certain aliases are allowed to run- such as
Notepad. So find an application that runs on your machine
and rename it to that.

Next is hiding the actual application(s)/file(s).
Perhaps the easiest, most effect method of hiding files
is to place them in a folder that's unlikely to have any
"unwanted" files or programs within it; such as... well,
you get the idea.

After that, right-click the folder that's within
your location of your choice. For this tutorial's purpose
I'll place a folder in Libraries/Videos. Upon right-
clicking said folder you wish to hide, select

Next, click the box next to "Hidden" under the
Attributes section. Then click apply and ok.

Next, click the little folder icon in the
navigation bar and type at the end of the line:

\This is the folder we're hiding

Then hit Enter. Voila! You're into your hidden folder
that is inaccessible just through point-and-click


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