Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blocking Ads In Other Apps

Today, it is 4:42AM and I have messed around with other messaging applications and the Textfree tutorial works producing the same results. I have also finished packaging the Textfree UI mod and just need to get it UL'd to a repository. I may do this after work today, as currently my PC has been installing updates for the past hour or so... The mod will feature SD icon and buttons along with the HD versions of them. It will be packaged and used via Winterboard, and easily removed/reenabled by applying and removing etc. etc. No sense in dumbing it down any further.

**Coming Soon**

-Jailbreak tutorial for any iDevice running 4.2.1 utilizing GreenPois0n.
-Packaged Textfree mod.
-A couple of quick tutorials on doing things so seemingly difficult. (Such as easy homescreen backgrounds for iDevices 2G and down.
-How to change app names and icons

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